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At Times Like This

January 15, 2009

Introduction to Avi Kagan, Columbus Jewish Community Schaliach
On What’s Going on in Israel & Gaza

There’s something about a small liberal arts college campus in the wintertime.  Naked tree branches and chapel steeples peek out of the fresh blanket of snow that covers students and scholars as they nestle in with great books and deep conversations.

As I was walking my dog this morning down a peaceful wooded street in my own neighborhood, I was silenced by the beauty of the world wrapped in a sparkling shroud.

And then is hit me.  So peaceful here.  But in Gaza…

That kind of thing happens to me a lot at times like this.

At times like this
I remember that I grew up surrounded by Israelis.  My elementary Hebrew School teachers like Tamar Tauber; the zmirrot (singing) teacher at camp Marah Moshe; and Zohar, my guide the summer I spent in Israel; my high school buddy Itamar who left me in the suburbs of New York our senior year to go back to Israel and serve in the army there; to my friend Deb who just made Aliyah a few months ago.

At times like this
I find myself responding differently when I see the word Jew in a newspaper or hear it on TV.

At times like this
I find myself being asked to speak as a Jew on the state of affairs in Israel, and I’m not sure what to say.

At times like this
I have lots of questions.

This afternoon, as we listen to Avi share his perspective on the fighting in Gaza, and discuss our own feelings and questions about what’s going on, I hope we can all find some answers.