Thanks, But No Thanks, Mr. Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch has graced the Jews with a Chanukah gift this year.  Hatch’s Eight Days of Chanukah is making the rounds and earning praise in The Atlantic and on NPR.  I for one have to say “Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Hatch.”  While his attempt to write an appealing Chanukah song is admirable, or just another political PR stunt, I for one find it no more entertaining than a lot of the other boring Chanukah music I’ve been listening to all my life.  And while I can understand Jeffrey Goldberg’s desire for more inspired tunes for Jews this time of year, songs that are engaging both musically and intellectually, I don’t think this is it.

The best I’ve heard in The States recently is from The Leevees Hanukkah Rocks (even if I’d argue with their spelling of the holiday).  I’d love to know if anything interesting is being done in Israel for the occasion…  If you can, please post recommendations.

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One Response to “Thanks, But No Thanks, Mr. Hatch”

  1. Frume Sarah Says:

    I am in complete agreement! And if I get one more email with a link to that ditty…

    Anyway, check out “Songs in the Key of Hanukkah” by Erran Baron Cohen.

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