will YOU work for food?

This Fall, Lily Strumwasser, The President of OWU Hillel, introduced us to the program Will Work For Food (WWFF).  As you can read on the organization’s website, WWFF organizes volunteers to find people to sponsor them to do community service in their local communities.  The money they raise, goes to feed malnourished children in Darfur.  Since September, Lily and her friends have raised over $1,000.  They very well might raise another thousand this semester.

WWFF offers a response for those who question donating money to help those in need in other countries when here are people in the U.S. suffering.  With this program, volunteers work for two causes simultaneously.   It is an interesting scenario to consider as we support the recovery and rebuilding of Haiti abroad and digest news of cuts of domestic programs here at home.  WWFF suggests we needn’t chose local or global service, and as such, offers a real opportunity for Tikkun Olam or World Repair.

This Spring, the OWU chapter of WWFF and OWU Hillel will be organizing a series of opportunities to volunteer at free community dinners and other events in Delaware.  Keep an eye on your email for more information.  In the meantime, join the OWU chapter of WWFF.

One program I’d like to see the OWU chapter of Will Work for Food consider adopting, in conjunction with OWU Hillel is Challah for Hunger.  This would be a great service to the OWU Jewish community, great opportunity for students to bond (those of you who know me know that I believe in the uniques powers of the kitchen to bring people), and raise money for a good cause.

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