Defending Israel @ OWU

Oftentimes, in the past when students talked to me about hosting Israel-related events on campus, I’ve gotten nervous.  In my short time at OWU, I’ve been confronted a few times with anti-Israel rhetoric and I never know quite how to respond.  I’m do not unilaterally support Israel.  At times, her government has betrayed her reputation, and ours on the worldwide stage.  At other times, the world has betrayed her, leaving her to drown in the tumult of political and moral tides.

My mother is staunch supporter of Israel.  She recently sent me this article about Defending Israel on (College) Campuses.  I hope some of you will read it and we can discuss it, and a pro-Israel program in the fall.  I think I’m ready.


One Response to “Defending Israel @ OWU”


    As a grandparent of two college age students, I commend you on deciding to initiate such a program with input from the students at OWU. Truthfully, I was disappointed that only the J Street view was presented so far this year and not that of AIPAC which I actively support. Please thank your from me for sending you the article. You might be interested in reading about David Horowitz’s campaign to try to combat these anti-Israel campaigns on college campuses. Thanks again and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with this very needed support system for the Jewish students. Bobbie W

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