Passover Round-Up


From The Brick Testament: Exodus (

As I prepare for seders at home and with all of you this weekend, I came across some fun resources to help us all find ways to get into the spirit of holiday.

Seder: The Movie – The story of how one woman’s family tradition, in which the children tell the story of the Exodus, has evolved over the years and now involves her children writing, directing, and staring in their own film version.

The Brick Testament’s Exodus – The story of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt formatted for Lego lovers of all ages.

Innovative Seder Ideas – Some more innovative than others…

Matzoh Brei with a Twist – If Passover leaves you craving a bagel and lox, this recipe is for you!

Chametz Hunting – A way to making the hunt more meaningful.



One Response to “Passover Round-Up”

  1. Amy Kritzer (@WhatJewWannaEat) Says:

    Thanks for including my matzah brei recipe! I love that lego photo- too funny! Happy Passover.

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