Note of Thanks to an Unnamed Adviser

Many of you will know to whom this note is intended.  I hope that he reads this and appreciates my heartfelt message.  I hope everyone reading it can learn something from my reflections.
Dear Unnamed Adviser,
I wanted to apologize for not formally thanking you today during the luncheon.  It was not deliberate, but I was thinking a lot about it on my way home seeing as you were at the lunch when others I thanked were not able to be there.  It meant a lot to have you there.  I did, of course, think of you as I was writing up my talking points, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to say.  I think I’m more clear now.
I have appreciated your perspective on Jewish Life at OWU the past year and a half.  Just like the professor who gives you trouble when you are in his class but you really respect in retrospect, you sometimes challenged me in ways I did not really want to be challenged.  Your traditional views forced me to recall my own conservative upbringing and some of the things I am leaving out and leaving behind in my own life and in my work.  While these have for the most part been conscious choices on my part, I sometimes feel a void and a space of longing in my spiritual core as a result.
So, I wanted to thank you more formally and apologize if I didn’t always seem eager for your input.  Know that it was indeed valuable and appreciated.

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