In December 2008, I took a position as the Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH.  I created this blog as a means for extending communication with my very busy advisees.  I hope all visitors will participate in this conversation on contemporary Jewish Life by posting a comment on anything that make you say “Oh yay!” or “Oye vey!”

A note on the title:
OWU – pronounced oh wou – is a nickname for Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH derived from the school’s initials.  Obviously, OWU & Jew rhyme and, taken together, solidly recognize the presence of the “small but mighty” Jewish community at this Methodist-charted institution whose mascot is known as the Fighting Bishop.

A note on the custom header:
I created my custom header on GIMP freeware, which works a lot like Photoshop.  The design includes the Sh’ma, the central prayer of the Jewish people.  Religious Jews say the Sh’ma at least two times a day.  It is a reminder of the Jewish covenant.  I read it as a reminder to live with our eyes wide open, our consciousness raise.  It is a reminder that we  should always be engaged in a quest for tikkun olam and that we should always be learning – when we rise up and when we lie down, when we walk down the street, and when we are at home.
The doves are reproductions of a photo of a tattoo I found online.  When I was a kid, we were taught that Jews who got tattoos cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries. During the Holocaust, the Nazis tattooed concentration camp prisoners not only to keep track of them, but to defile their bodies in relation to their religious beliefs.  Today, many Jews get tattoos of Jewish symbols as an act of rebellion and a means of declaring their identity, to show they are unafraid of being recognized as Jews.  The tattoo doves represent our need to search for peace amongst interpretations of Jewish law.


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