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J Street’s “Giving Voice to Value”

February 24, 2011

This weekend, J Street, a lobbying group which bills itself as “pro-Israel and pro-Peace” will host its second international gathering “Giving Voice to Values.”  The group says this conference will provide opportunities to explore the convergence of Jewish and democratic values.  They invite participants to come “learn, challenge and question and advocate” in sessions with titles like, “A Continued Quest for Statehood: A Palestinian View” and “Creating the Space: Pro-Israel and Pro-Peae in Congress.”

OWU Junior and Hillel Vice President Jared Shaner will be among 500 students attending the conference.  Jared was selected to receive travel and lodging funding from J Street.  We’re covering his reduced admission.  In return, Jared will be filling us in on what he learns during his time in Washington, listening to talks by and rubbing elbows with:

Reporters from major new publications including The New York Times and The Washington Post;

Scholars from various think tanks including The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Center for American Progress, Appleseeds Internationl, and the Peres Center for Peace;

Members of the Israeli Knesset, U.S. Advisors on Middle Eastern Affairs, and Israeli and Palestinian Activists.

The full program is available at